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KS3, GCSE & A-Level

Get support whenever your child is stuck. Ensure they are prepared for the next step and get top grades WITHOUT spending a ton on tutoring

Limited spots available

1. Traditional Tutoring
£250-£1000 / mo

When looking for tutoring, you have 3 options

On-demand support

Every subject

Fully remote


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Seneca Tutoring:

Daily live video sessions and individual Q&A to support your child with all the questions they might have.

Seneca is known for its free online learning platform used by 3 million GCSE & A Level students.

Our Oxbridge graduates are now also offering tutoring. Guidance & explanations by subject-specialists within 10 minutes every weekday from 4-9:30PM & on weekends from 1-7PM.

  • Only 1 or 2 weekly sessions
  • Can wait days to get answers
  • Need a different tutor for each subject

2. Contacting Teachers


  • Support hours are very limited
  • Wait hours for teacher replies
  • Deal with multiple teachers
  • Response within 10 minutes
  • Personalised approach and unlimited online support
  • All subjects covered for 1 fixed price, no extra cost

3. Seneca Tutoring

£29.99 / month

On-Demand Tutoring by Oxbridge Graduates

Yasmin Malik

Physics, Imperial College London

Biomed, Cambridge University

Jono Ellis

Classics, Cambridge University

Georgia Feldmanis


→ Do I pay extra for more subjects?

No - it's that simple. No matter what subject your child needs help with, one of our tutors can assist. We charge the same price no matter whether you need support in 1 subject or in 10.

There's no limit here and each time we'll get back to you or your child within 10 minutes (4-9:30PM on weekdays &

1-7PM on weekends).

We'll also work with your child to build a timetable that's perfect for them. We build these based on your child's strengths & weaknesses to boost learning efficiency!

→ How often can we ask questions?

Highly Rated by Our Tutees' Parents

"Thank you for the amazing progress reports you sent through! Certainly exceeded my expectations!! Amazing support, thank you"

S. Dickens

"She’s found it really helpful thanks so much. It’s been wonderful to know you are there in the background to support her."

T. Gardiner

"You are May's hero! She's struggled with Ionic equations all morning and then after your video she gets it!! She can't wait to ask you further."

K. Brown

4.9 out of 5

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